revolutionizing rotator cuff repair


Increase efficiency,
respect biology,
optimize outcome

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Simplifying the rotator cuff repair

SINEFIX™ addresses the most common pathological shoulder entity with a simple, easy- to-learn two-step technique based on a PEEK implant. It aims to..

Increase efficiency.

by saving time and cost in clinical surgeries

Optimize outcome.

by stimulating the patient’s intrinsic healing potential

Respect biology.

by creating flat and even contact of tendon and bone

Innovation needs evaluation

Rotator Cuff Lesions (RCL) are primarily treated arthroscopically using suture anchor technology. However, this method is difficult to learn and highly dependent on the manual dexterity and practical experience of the individual surgeon. Inovedis has therefore developed a new implant called SINEFIX™, which aims to improve and simplify tendon fixation. It consists of a PEEK plate with two PEEK anchors and additional teeth that ensure the distance to the bone. The implant can be attached in two steps in such a way that the humerus and tendon are firmly connected to one another over a large area. SINEFIX™ also aims to maintain the vitality of the tendon, improving blood circulation and thus the biological healing process.

Biomechanical testing has shown that the new implant has at least as high maximum pullout forces and gap formation as a double-row refixation (DRR) with „all-suture“ anchors during cyclic loading. 

Find out more about this pre-clinical testing and the promising results.

What's going on?

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SINEFIX™ is currently awaiting  FDA approval in the U.S.. and the European approval trial is starting in parallel under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Philip Kasten, a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery at the Orthopedic Surgery Center (OCC) in Tuebingen, Germany.

Entrepreneurial spirit: technical know-how meets surgical expertise

Inovedis GmbH, Based in Albstadt, Germany. was founded In 2019 by trauma and ortopedic surgeon Dr. Stefan Welte and entrepreneur Lukas Floess. At that time, the two CEOs had already been working on the question of how tendon fixation could be optimized for several years. This resulted in the SINEFIX™ implant system. As a progress-driven company, the start-up offers innovative solutions in medical technology that contribute both to optimized patient care as well as time and cost reductions in the healthcare sector.

Our Investors

Following initial funding from the Startup BW PreSeed
Inovedis has 2021 closed a financing round of €1.8 million
led by High-Tech Gründerfonds. The fund invests together
with Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft (MBG)
Baden-Württemberg and Volksbank Albstadt
Chancenkapital as well as a group of renowned angel

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